Snoring: how to sleep in the dorm with someone?

Ear Plugs. Easiest thing you can do is wear ear plugs. But otherwise you have to talk to your roommate. If they stop breathing at night they should see a sleep specialist. Otherwise the roommate should avoid sleeping on their back. There are shirts that one can wear that helps avoid sleeping on your back. (rematee) or you can sew tennis balls to an old shirt and have them wear it. Good luck.
ENT or ear plugs. Since you're not the one snoring, try noise cancelling headphones or ear plugs. White noise machines sometimes help, too. The larger problem is for the snorer whose health is at risk. He/she needs to see an ENT and possibly have a sleep study. Raising the head end of the bed may help in the meantime, or at least a sleeping wedge pillow.
Dorm Snoring. Dorm snoring = get ear plugs, if someone is too loud. If you are the snorer, anything that helps relieve your stuffy nose may help. Go see my discussion of snoring: http://www. Twinlakesent. Com/snoring. Html.