Is there anything else I can get vitamin d from other than the sun? I protect my skin since redhead

Vitamin D deficient. I appreciate your adoption of sun protection given you fair skin completion. All you need is 15 minutes a day which is not much sun exposure. You don't need to "lay out" to get this. This is absorbed through exposed head, neck, and arm skin. Do you know if you are Vitamin D deficient? I would not obsess over sun avoidance and your vitamin D. If you are low on testing, take a supplement.
Vitamin D. I agree. I would also add that there is also no evidence that appropriate use of sunscreen will lower one's vitamin d levels. So please use your sunscreen!
Vitamins. Vitamin d is readily avialable form supplements. A large per cent of adults have low vitamin d levels when measured by blood test. These levels can be raised by supplementing with 1-2000 units per day safely. A recent report showed that 1600 units of d improved eczema in 60 days.