Could tooth infection cause numbness and tingling and swelling in face?

Abscess! Absolutely. This is a result of the bacteria building up and causing pressure on the nerves which equals numbness, tingling and swelling. You need antibiotics and treat the area with ice compressions.
Yes. The swelling can put pressure on nerves and cause the tingling and numb feeling . You need to see a dentist asap to treat your problem.
Yes! Infected teeth can cause a host of symptoms, among them swelling, in extreme circumstances pressure on oral structures can cause tingling and even numbness, but the numbness is unusual. If you have a problem i strongly recommend that you see your dentists right away. Don't leave it, it will only get worse.
Definitely, yes. Tooth infection if not treated could spread the infection to other areas of the body resulting in brain abscess, heart infection, pneumonia, or other serious complications. Rec.: see your dentist for evaluation, imaging and treatment. .
Infection. Yes all those symptoms could be result of a dental infection, they could also be due to other medical reasons. Start at your dentists office and proceed from there.

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I have a tooth infection, can I have swelling in my face a neck?

A big yes. Very common to have swelling. Get immediate attention from a healthcare provider. This can be a dangerous situation and if the swelling gets too large even antibiotics might not work alone and a surgical aspect might also be needed. Read more...

Tooth infection leads to face numbness on left side. Why is that?

Numbness. Sometimes, a tooth infection that is located near a major nerve of the face can cause numbness to that region. This can also be the case of the wisdom tooth infection. But numbness to the face can also be the result of other things too. It is advisable to have it checked by a professional. Read more...
Dangerous. You have an abcess, infection, that is rapidly spreading affecting surrounding nerves. Read more...