Causes of premenstrual breast pain unilateral?

Uncertain. Causes of breast pain can include cysts, prior surgery, trauma, medications (oral contraceptives, infertility tx, ssri's), large breast size, premenstrual syndrome, ovulation, period ; pregnancy. Your physician may be able to help determine the cause.

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What causes premenstrual breast pain and what is the possible remedy? ? Will taking drug to stop the pain have any side effects on the menstrual cycle

Premenstrual breast. Pain. Increased fluid retention can cause breast pain prior to your period. Try omega 3 fatty acids or magnesium (supplementation or through diet) with your doctor’s approval. Avoid caffeine, alcohol or extra salt. Over the counter products like midol can be helpful. Read more...

Can metronidazole gel 0.75% cause unilateral non cyclical breast pain? Pain stopped when I discontinued use. No other findings on examination by g.P.

Metronidazole gel. This should not be producing changes in your breasts. Your mammogram must have shown an abnormality if it resulted in a biopsy. Do you appreciate any changes in your breasts? Have you been on any other medications? If everything has been negative would follow up with your primary care doctor very carefully. They sound quite thorough. Read more...