How long after general anesthesia is it completely out of your system?

Depends on drugs. General anesthesia isn't just one medication--it's a combination. Some induce sleep, some (like the anesthesia gases) maintain sleep, some relax muscles, some relieve pain, etc. Each is metabolized at a different rate. In general, you can expect them to vanish within 6-8 hours, but it will take longer if the kidneys or liver don't work well. Don't drive within 24 hours of having anesthesia.
Just few hrs. The medications used in general anesthesia are completely out of body in few hrs, but some times will have body pains for few days is due to the electrolytes fluids moved in and out of nerve and muscle cells . That will take couple of days for resetting the body system.
3 days. Modern anesthetics are essentially removed from the body completely within 72 hours. The most common cause of symptoms after this period are the postoperative narcotics that a patient takes to control pain. I hope that this answers your question.