Can a fatty liver cause liver cancer?

It's a start. Fatty liver = steatosis can lead to non alcoholic steatohepatitis which is a chronic inflammation of the liver, this in return can lead to liver cirrhosis which in itself is really the risk factor for liver cancer. This process takes aproximately 20 yrs.
Yes. Steatosis, or fatty liver, can lead to steatohepatitis (inflammation of fatty liver cells) which can lead to cirrhosis (scarring of the liver) and ultimately liver cancer (also called hepatocellular carcinoma). Fortunately, by achieving an ideal body weight, you can often reverse fatty liver changes before it is too late.
Yes, it can. Fatty liver disease is not as benign as people might think in the past. It can lead and progress into liver cancer over period of time.
Depends. Alcohol intake is the commonest cause of fatty liver, and continued drinking may lead to cirrhosis and cancer.

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How do I avoid my fatty liver from turning into Cirrhocis or worse, Liver cancer?

Consult GI. It would be imperative for you to consult a gastro-enterologist for expert advice. At a minimum, you need to lose weight to get your bmi below 25, no alcohol, avoid Tylenol and products with acetaminophen, control diabetes closely. None of this is easy but is essential. Read more...

Panc elastase test shows insufficiency. Have fatty liver. Is pei cause of fatty liver? Is there connection between fatty liver and pancreatic cancer?

No, just description. Like most dx, just a label for a pattern, as judged by whatever metrics. Yes, there is observed relation between fatty liver ; developing liver cancer. Fatty liver most commonly due to persistent low-fat, hi-carb (i.e. All sugars, simple ; complex) foods. Liver, to protect rest of body from ?sugar (toxic), converts sugars into triglyceride fats. If can't export into external fat, then fatty liver. Read more...