What's the point of getting the flu shot if there hasn't been a flu outbreak the past 2 years?

U a gambler? Preventive care, whether its a regular checkup or a flu shot is a simple bet. You decide not to risk a poorly timed bad illness/condition/flu by seeking vaccine or early detection at your convenience. I don't know? U live but flu was bad here last year & at any one time several strains are circling the globe thanks to asymptomatic carriers & international flights. Skip if u want, I get one yearly.

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I had Gillian Barret 2 years ago and dr. Won't give me a flu shot. Wouldn't the shot be better than the risk of getting the flu?

Guillain Barre. Guillain Barré Syndrome (GBS) is a disorder where a patient’s immune system goes haywire and attacks the peripheral nervous system. GBS can be triggered by vaccinations such as the influenza vaccine, tetanus shot, Hepatitis B vaccine, the Menactra® (MCV4) vaccine, the Gardasil® vaccine, and other vaccinations.

Wats the odds of getting the flu if I haven't had a flu shot in five years?

Worse. Flu season has started early this year -- already 15% of tests are coming up positive for flu! The flu show may protect you against the predicted worst 3 flu types, and be sure to immunize yourself! It is hitting the hardest and fastest in the south. Georgia wll be the 6th state to have widespread flu soon! Get your flu shot!
Moderate. The influenza season with confirmed cases has already started in the United States which suggests this will be a severe influenza season. The vaccine and the infecting virus change every year. Vaccine given 5 years ago might have some protection but not guaranteed. Vaccine for all over 6 months is recommended in absence of major egg allergy.