How can I stop misplacing everything?

Get Executive Asst? If hiring a live executive assistant 24/7 is out of ur reach & u can't recruit a friend or family member 2 do the job, u may need 2 assess what things u're doing that r making it hard 4 ur brain 2 keep track of ur stuff. How are u organizing itf? What do u do 2 get ur brain working on autopilot - like always leaving ur keys in exact same place? Check duhigg's power of habit: http://bit.Ly/wymrbk.
Stop and think. I find a common issue with this is anxiety. For example, too much stress and stuff running through your head when you drop your car keys on the table and you never could make a little memory of where you put them for later. Stop and take a deep breath, clear your mind and focus on what you're doing in the present to help yourself. People often mistake this for memory loss.