Can anyone tell me about natural hormone replacement therapy?

Bioidenticals. Bioidentical hormone replacement is the proper term for use of hormones that are like those you make in your body. Your hormone levels should be checked prior to starting therapy, so appropriate dosing is used, & follow up levels to be sure you are achieving desirable levels & ratios. Bhrt preserves muscle & bone, brain, heart, skin, & eye health. Subject too big for this paragraph-see specialist.
Bioidenticals? Sham. No valid studies comparing bit with conventional HRT exists. While some conceptual advantages exist, they are still lurking. For most women Estradiol (17-beta) is the best, particularly given transdermally, versus orally, thereby avoiding first-pass effects through the liver. If a women has a uterus pure Progesterone versus higher potentcy synthetic analogues is best!

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Can you tell me about hormone replacement therapy for men?

Several options. Hormone replacement for men may involve multiple hormones. These include thyroid, adrenal hormones, and sex hormones like testosterone. I presume you are referring to testosterone. The first step in hormone replacement is determining a need. Does the patient have signs and symptoms of low testosterone? From there, your doctor will review all of the replacement options of which there are many.
Hormone replacement. I presume you have been diagnosed as having a low testosterone. If so your doctor should have examined you and ordered appropriate lab studies to put you on the right track. If you haven't seen your doctor about this do so soon. The testosterone drugs are all good and reliable but vary greatly in cost.

What natural alternatives to hormone replacement therapy are available?

Hormone replacement. A healthy lifestyle, diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and fish (eg wild salmon), adequate protein, control weight, treat any hormone problem e.g. Thyroid disorders, exercise daily, meditate, see your doctor for examinations to determine the cause of any problems.
Several. There are several as mentioned. Yet, none match the potential of optimized estradiol, estriol, Progesterone & testosterone levels.

How risky can hormone replacement therapy be?

This just in... As of this week (july 9) 15 leading american health organizations: the north american menopause society (nams), the american society for reproductive medicine (asrm), the endocrine society, and 12 other leading women's health groups issued a public statement that hormone therapy is still an acceptably safe treatment for menopausal symptoms.

Is biochemical hormone replacement therapy effective?

Controversial. The are no good studies that show the benefit of bio-identical hormones. Hence it is not offered by all physicians.
Bioidenticals. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (bhrt) has gained popularity as a strategy for keeping hormones balanced beyond the body's ability to supply us. Bioidentical hormones are different from synthetic hormones because they are derived from sources such as soy and yams, that are naturally occurring. These hormones have the same chemical structure as the hormones produces by our bodies.
Very effective. 40 years old, asked: Is biochemical hormone replacement therapy effective? The simple answer to your question is bio identical hormones can be very effective but there are different sources of your bio identical hormones. I am going to assume that your question is referring to Bioidentical hormones as opposed to biochemical hormones. Bio identical hormone replacement is generally thought of as replacing your sex hormones. The distinction needs to be made hormone replacement therapy generally refers to using synthetic hormones, which have been an associated with many problems. (see the women's health initiative study) Bioidentical hormones suggest that it has a very similar chemical structure to the hormones that are found in our bodies naturally. For a multiplicity of reasons the hormones that are found in your body naturally can become deficient. This leads to many common symptoms that most people are aware of such as night sweats, hot flashes, irritability, and painful menstruation just to mention a few. The goal in replacing the hormones that are deficient is to alleviate the symptoms associated with hormone deficiencies. The symptoms of hormone replacement are generally associated with estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, progesterone, and cortisol. The causes of the symptoms are more related to the relationship of these different hormones as opposed to an absolute amount of deficiency in particular hormones. To state this way your hormones want to be in balance, keeping a very similar relationship one to another. By the time one gets symptoms there's usually a significant imbalance in the amount of one hormone in relationship to the others. Getting good results with natural hormone therapy/Bioidentical hormones will have a lot to do with the fund of knowledge of the healthcare worker that you're working with. Trying to correct multiple symptoms on your own may lead to frustration and failure. In our practice we have over 18 years of experience working with natural hormone therapy. Will be happy to further discuss your issues with you in the concierge service. Go to: https://www. Healthtap. Com/dr-stevenfergusonmd.

Does hormone replacement therapy have significant risks?

Risks & benefits. There is a risk of clotting (stroke, heart attack, deep vein thrombosis), gall bladder, liver disease. Estrogen alone has risk of uterine cancer. Risk of breast ca remains controversial. For each woman, the risks must be weighed against benefits. Not taking ht increases bone loss, hip fracture, incontinence, dementia, possible diabetes and colon ca.
It can. If not monitored. Estradiol and estriol levels are much higher in ovulating women & pregnant women, respectively. Birth control estrogen is 5x more potent than the estrogen used in hrt and carries risks of blood clots, heart attack etc. Estrone levels are high in overweight women who carry the same risks. Hrt that is not converted to estrone is the key, in my opinion.