How does chemoembolization kill cancer cells?

2 methods. The first is that the particles/medicine clogs the blood vessels that provide essential oxygen and nutrients to the cancer growth. The second is that the chemotherapy medicine that is injected prevents the cancer cells from dividing and growing.
Chemoembolization. Chemoembolization is a two tiered attack on tumor cells. First, chemotherapy drugs are directly injected into the arteries that supply the tumors. Next, the arteries are embolized, or occluded, by particles, this cuts off the blood flow to the tumors.
Anoxia and chemo. With this technique a catheter is advanced through the blood vessels directly to the ones feeding the tumor. Chemotherapy mixed with particles is then given that will block off the blood vessels. This keeps the chemo agent in the tumor helping to kill the tumor and cutting off the bllood supply helps kill the tumor as well. Not all tumor can be treated this way and treatment response can vary.
High dose to tumor. Chemoembolization works by delivering a very high dose of chemotherapy right into the tumor. This allows for higher doses of chemotherapy with less side effects.