How many doses of permethrin cream kill scabies?

One. Usually just one, unless you get reinfected from an untreated person or from not washing recently used clothes or bed sheets. Itching after treatment is usually from dead mites, not live ones.

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I hav just been told I hav scabbies. I hav been given permethrin cream, wil that be enough to kill them and keep them away?

To kill yes. Permethrin is an effective treatment to kill scabies- if done properly....Apply all over- liberally in groin area and between fingers and toes (from chin down to toes) leave on overnight - shower in am. Wash all bedding, clothing, towels, etc. Could repeat in 1 week. If further exposure is avoided- should be successful. Read more...

How quick will premethrin cream kill the scabies?

Scabies treatment. involves using a prescription medication, usually in a cream form. It is applied head to toe overnight, then washed off and sometimes repeated in one week. It is important to wash all bedding, linens and recently worn clothing in hot water to prevent re-infestation, and household contacts may require treatment as well. Itching and dry skin can last up to two weeks following successful treatment. Read more...