Does a bone graft hurt badly when harvested from your hip?

Yes they do. It is a painful procedure but if you need it it is worth it.
Usually. Surgery of any kind will produce discomfort. A hip graft is not a simple procedure for the patient to undergo. The fact is, you require a significant amount of bone in order to place dental implants. Speak to your surgeon about your concerns and I'm sure he or she will make you as comfortable before, during, and after the procedure as possible. You'll be fine.

Related Questions

Can you please tell me, should a bone graft from my hip make them smaller?

Yes, but. Harvesting a bone graft removes bone, but most of the time you cannot tell. It depends on what part of the pelvis the bone comes from, how much bone is removed, how much soft tissue covers the area (skin, fat, muscle). If a doctor is talking to you about a bone graft harvest, talk to them about your concerns.

Which bone graft is better? Is it better to use bone from your hip, or the cadavers bone?

Depends. It depends on the extent of defect and what the dentist is trying to accomplish. The dentist can always obtain autogenous bone intraorally. Also cadaver bone has been shown to be very effective in treating most bonegrafting needs for purposes of creating bone needed for dental implants. I personally feel using bone from the hip is too morbid for the patient.
Your own. If it is medically possible, using your own bone is the best, but there is a risk in any additional surgery. We routinely use cadaver and synthetic bone in our practice.
Defect size. Based on your question, I would assume that your specific situation requires a significant amount of bone, since your doctor is considering a hip bone graft. Good results can be achieved with different bone types, including cadaver bone. However, the larger the defect size, generally better results will be achieved using your own bone.

I have avn both hips, had 5 surgies, replacements and core decompress with bone grafts, why do I still have so much pain?

Let me understand. Did you have hip replacement? If you did you should not pain if you did not may it is something to think about. Write me back.

Can you have a bone graft from a hip replacement?

What? It's not clear what your question is asking. When you do a hip replacement, a bone braft may be carried out to supplement inadequate bone loss. Frequently your native femoral head, which would other wise be removed and discarded, is morselized and used to fill in cysts or other voids. A hip replacement is an artificial device, so you can't get bone graft from that.
Yes. We often put bone graft from the socket reamings behind the acetabular implant to provide bone cells to aid in "on growth" of the bone to the implant.
Unclear. Unsure of the questions. Are you asking if bone can be harvested from the hip where the prosthetic hip joint is being placed?

How long does it take for me to jog again after a bone graft from the hips to a fractured scaphoid?

Four weeks. I am going to make a couple of assumptions. Since this was a bone graft to the scaphoid bone, I am presuming that is small bone graft and was taken from your pelvis. That being the case, there should not be any structural harm with running or jogging. Local discomfort would suggest that you might need 3 to 4 weeks before resuming this activity. Good luck!

Is it safe to jog shortly after having bone taken from your hip for a bone graft to your jaw?

Jog. Generally speaking, yes, if you have graft that doesn't go into the joint surface.
Define shortly. I definitely would not recommend any strenuous activity 'shortly' after.
Hip graft recovery. It is not safe to jog until cleared by your physician, usually 4 to 6 weeks! Hip grafts are obtained by separating muscles then removing the bone. Sometimes small bone fractures occur and along with the muscle incisions need time to heal. When cleared and your are completely comfortable and pain free, it is wise to begin low or no impact cardio for a few weeks. Then resume jogging.