Does anyone know how much weight loss surgery costs?

Different types. It varies quite a bit depending on what type of operation-- the options range from a adjustable gastric band to a laparoscopic gastric bypass, to a sleeve gastrectomy operation. It depends on who does the operation, how much post-op care is included in the price, and how much is covered by your insurance.
Depends. Your out of pocket costs depend on your specific insurance policy and what procedure you choose. Self pay prices in my area range from $11 k for a band to $22k for a bypass. Do your research.
Varies. The cost of surgery is much like buying gas, the cost varies depending on what part of town and what type of surgery you choose.The experience of the surgeon and the extent of aftecare they provide will also factor in.As a basic rule, bypasses cost more tha sleeve which cost more than band.Look for a good quality surgeon and program that is center of excellence(coe)certified. Don't look for cheapest.
10-17,000. The cost of weight loss surgery depends on type of procedure and city. For example, in dallas, the average cost for a band is 10, 000. A sleeve is 11, 500. A bypass is about 16, 500. This includes surgeon, assistant, anesthesia, and facility. Most other cities are alittle higher. You still want to look for a doctor that has alot of experience in all three procedures. Good luck.