How many vicodin in one day is too many?

Acetaminophen. The answer is really based on the amount of Acetaminophen in the vicodin. The first number 5, 7.5&10 is the hydrocodone in mg's. The second number is the Acetaminophen (apap or tylenol) 300, 325, 500 or 750 mg. So, the answer is not more than 3000 mg of the Acetaminophen per day. The prescription written by your doctor should have a quantity limit, but may nor. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist!
Depends. It is not the hydrocodone portion that is an issue, but rather the Acetaminophen portion. When i say it depends i mean that there is variationin the amount of Acetaminophen per tablet depending on the strength of the tablet. If you are taking vicoden on a daily basis you need to limit the Acetaminophen to 2000 mg per day. There are products with hydrocodone with less Acetaminophen than vicoden.