What's the youngest age people start getting varicose veins?

Can be from birth. Sometimes abnormal veins that appear to be varicose veins can develop before birth. These veins can sometimes be apparent in the legs when a child is only a few months old and might need to be treated by the time of starting school. This is unusual. Typically, the earliest that varicose veins will be seen and require treatment will be when a child is in high school.
10 years was ours. We have seen patients as young as 10 years old but the 2 also had venous malformations from birth.Usually it starts in some teens, and especially with parents or grandparents who have vein disease. 50% of women and 25% of men can have varicose veins by 50 years. It can progress sooner with each pregnancy for women and jobs for men or women with heavy lifting and/or prolonged sitting and standing.
Varies. This varies. The biggest risk is a family history of varicose veins. I have seen a couple patients that noted bulging veins when they were teenagers. Mostly, they are a bit older.
Any age. Although the most common age group we treat for patients affected with varicose veins is typically 30-60, it can happen to any patient at any age, depending on the underlying etiology that has caused the venous insufficiency or reflux, which is the root cause of the varicosities. I have treated this condition in patients as young as 17, and as old as 95, so it can pretty much happen at any age.
Usually teenage yrs. Varicose veins can develop at any age, but usually the earliest that we see patients present with varicose veins is teenage years. When abormal veins develop prior to this age you need to consider other diseases such as vascular malformations or AVMs, which is a different vascular pathology. Since most patients with varicose veins are born with weakleg vein valves, they can present at any age.