How do I get rid of my vertigo?

Find the cause. Vertigo is a symptom, not a diagnosis. When a doctor thinks of vertigo we are describing an illusion or sensation of motion when there is no actual, physical movement. The key to vertigo treatment and relief is finding the cause for the symptom. Problems of the ear, vestibular or balance pathway, circulatory system or even certain forms of migraine can produce vertigo. See your doctor.
First know the cause. Vertigo can be due to many different things. Some have an inflammation of the inner ear, others have meniere's disease with ringing in the ears, decreased hearing and vertigo. Rarely, the vertigo is due to a tumor a nerve running in the deep ear canal. Most often, it is benign (benign paroxysmal vertigo). The best place to start for an evaluation is an ear, nose & throat specialist.