What can I do about my restless legs?

Great question. I would strongly suggest you get a thorough medical evaluation. You have major concerns and need good answers. Do not expect anonymous "experts" on web sites to give you a good answer.
Seek help and online. You should always address with your own physician symptoms that are bothering you. Rls can be sign of underlying medical issue in some people. There is help online. I like rlsnetwork.Com and rlshelp.Org.
Underlying Causes. Rule out underlying causes that may be able to be treated such as mineral deficiencies (iron, folate, (folic acid) magnesium), venous insufficiency, or various immune deficiencies. Start with blood work and a venous ultrasound by a vascular surgeon. Review medications for side effects . If no underlying cause is identified, get daily exercise and cut back on smoking a and or drinking, if applicable.