How long should there be pain in the testicle after testicular torsion reversal?

Very little time. If pain persists after manual testicular detorsion you must be concerned that spermatic cord has not been completely untwisted. Possible to get some relief after partial detorsion when cord is still 180 degrees twisted. Testicular pain should be much relieved by the time the anesthetic has worn off after surgical detorsion, and pain gone within a 2 - 3 days. Will be tender for a few more days.
Post-detorsion pain. Depend on the duration/severity of the torsion and the success/completeness of the detorsion. The majority of the pain should be relieved immediately by detorsion. Any residual ischemia/inflammation/swelling may last for up to a day or two. Persistent pain longer than 2 days after detorsion may suggest an underlying infection or necrosis of the testes.

Related Questions

In testicular torsion what does it mean by loss of testicle?

Twisting of cord. Testicular torsion is the twisting of the spermatic cord, which cuts off the blood supply to the testicle and surrounding structures within the scrotum. Pain is associated with torsion. If caught in time testis can be untwisted and rescued but if too much time goes by the testis is no longer viable and has to be removed.
If necrosis occurs. If the duration of one-way full-blown twist is longer than 6-8 hours and there is no change in the color of torsed testis after untwisting torsion, most likely, surgeon will need to painfully declare the loss of testis so to just remove it (orchiectomy).

Could someone get permanent testicle damage from testicular torsion?

Yest, it would. .. Depriving circulation from testicular torsion leads to expected tissue damage with ischemia. Besides, for unclear reason, some damage to sperm producing ability may happen to the contralateral testis. So, professional awareness and timely action are the essence of caring for testicular torsion.

I think I had testicular torsion but the pain went, how do I know if my testicle is alive?

You need a scan. Which could only be ordered by a doctor at a hospital. This should be done as soon as possile, because a testicle could twist and untwist a few times before it finally twists so as to cut off the circulation and kill the testicle. It would not necessarily hurt while untwisted.

Cant feel testicle. Feel discomfort. I have never experienced testicular torsion symptoms. What is it?

Can't feel testicle. Could mean several things. With torsion you would still find testicle to be painful and higher in scrotum. You may also not feel testis if it retracted into your groin, is surrounded by serum called a hydrocele, or if it suffered trauma or mumps or perhaps u had surgery that caused it to atrophy and shrink.

Aftercexercising my right testicle has been hurting for about 5 hours (had testicular torsion 5 years ago)?

Doppler ultrasound. Testicular Doppler ultrasound is 90% accurate in detecting torsion (twisting of testicle causing blockage of normal blood supply). Pain can also be from infection or inflammation of the epididymis. A scrotal ultrasound with Doppler can help diagnosis this. Ultimately a physician needs to evaluate. If it is torsion, the testicle can be damaged permanently after 6 hours.
Need to get checked. Testicular pain after exercise can be related to infections, hernias, and rarely torsion. Repeat torsion on the same side is possible but not likely. Recommend you see a urologist for an examination.
Needs to be checked. With past history of testis torsion. You should consult your urologist asap as you are in pain again or go to the nearest ER.