Can the new test of the pregnant woman's blood fine Down syndrome DNA from the fetus?

Fetal DNA analysis. Harmony by Ariosa Diagnostics 99.9% accurate from 10 wk 0d, trisomy 21, 13, 18, results in 7-10 d. "For expectant parents with a financial need, regardless of insurance status, Ariosa offers assistance to those who qualify based on a sliding fee schedule." 1-855-927-4672. For testing from 9w0d, Natera's Panorama also detects microdeletions, but may be twice as expensive. (650) 249-9090.
Yes. The test by sequenom is a blood test from the mother as early as 10 weeks used to analyze circulating fetal blood cells for their chromosomal structure. This can help determine if the fetus suffers from a number of chromosomal abnormalities including down's syndrome. It can also determine the sex but in the case of female fetuses it is more problematic because of cross contamination.
Sequenom. Yes - fetal cell's are extracted from maternal blood and using molecular techniques your able to identify trisomy 21 on those fetal cells that are extracted.