My mom is a diabetic, and she always has swollen feet. What can I do to help her?

Find the cause. Diabetes do not cause swollen feet. There are many conditions associated wtih diabetes that can cause swollen feet.There are diabetes medications or medications to treat the conditions associated with diabetes that can cause swollen feet. My recommendation is to find out the cause and treat it. Most of the time it's easily treatable such as switching the medication, use a diuretic or elevate legs.
Elevate. She may improve with elevation, or she may need compression socks or an oral medication to process some of the extra water she's holding. See her doctor for an evaluation.
Swollen feet. Your mother should be seen by a physician (p). Being a diabetic means she may also have hbp and possibly some cardiac or kidney disease. Blood work is needed to see if she has her diabetes under control and if she has some kidney problems. If she does not have anything wrong with her heart or kidney, varciose veins may be the cause and a venous doppler study would diagnose them. Have her see a p.

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My mom is a diabetic and she always has swollen feet. What can I do to help?

Diabetes . Elevation and compression hose is a good start. Have her leg circulation checked and if she has high blood pressure that may be a contributing factor. Read more...
Take her to the doc. So she could be evaluated and find the cause of the swelling. Read more...