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What is tested for during an exercise stress test?

Coronary reserve. As a stress test progresses, the heart beats harder and faster which requires a richer and richer circulation provided by the coronary arteries. If need outstrips supply due to blockage, the test becomes abnormal. Thus a stress test is an indirect way to look for blockage. (a direct way is to fill the coronaries with dye and observe them directly)

What is the definition or description of: exercise stress test?

↑ Heart rate & BP. Recording an ekg while walking up a steeper & steeper incline, at a faster & faster rate, so as to increase heart contraction intensity & rate of contraction, thus blood flow needed by the heart muscle. However, atherosclerosis does not narrow arteries, clots do, & the ekg only detects major qualitative differences in capillary blood flow. Thus only severe artery disease narrowing is ever detected.
Heart stress test. You walk/run on a treadmill while you have a continuous ekg to see if your heart looks like it lacks oxygen as you work harder. For people that can't exercise you can give them medication to simulate exercise. Sometimes you will also have a heart ultrasound (echocardiogram) at the same time.

What is the difference between Cardiopulmonary exercise test vs Exercise stress test? Does Cardiopulmonary exercise test combines both and better?

Not better. Exercise stress tests measure your peak functional capacity and ischemia (blood supply), arrhythmias, and blood pressure response. The different tests are used for different issues. Cardiopulmonary stress tests also measures peak oxygen consumption which is useful for evaluating certain disorders, particularly prior to heart transplantation.

I'm 19 and received abnormal exercise stress test results. Is there anything that could have affected the test which may have caused the abnormal results?

Possibly. YOu may have some congenital abnormality that has caused this problem You need to see a cardiologist and will probably require a heart cath to completely eval your heart. If this is then ok you should be in the clear. You could also have some type of viral cardiomyopathy (weak her muscle) that has caused this. Best wishes.

Internists interpret exercise stress test.?

Yes. Any physician who has received proper training can interpret a stress test.
Some do, yes. Not every Internist, mind you. There are certifications that are required for any physician, cardiologist or otherwise, to document competency in the interpretation of stress tests. But an Internist can achieve this certification.

Does a normal exercise stress test mean there are no blockages and no coronary diseases? What percentage of blockage does it detect?

No. A normal stress test does not mean that there are no blockages. This test is not perfect by any means, i.e. There are false negative results as well. The likelihood of a significant blockage is less when there is a normal stress test.