What are the signs of having ptsd?

Many. Ptsd is characterized by heightened responses (more than would be expected) to reminders of a traumatic event. Flashbacks, anxiety, running-away behaviors and sometimes combative behaviors can occur. People with ptsd often withdrawl somewhat in an attempt to avoid reminders of the traumatic event. Proper diagnosis & care are important so please see a doctor to discuss in detail.
PTSD. While there are many signs and symptoms, first is that a person has experienced a traumatic event that is outside the realm of normal, every-day human experience. Certain behavioral symptoms follow, including avoidance, numbing of feelings, sometimes flashbacks, and feeling states such as anxiety and depression.
Symptom inquiry, yes. The doctor should inquire if the patient has been in a situation where the patient believes loss of life or catastrophic injury was imminent, and with no means of escape. Symptoms from these experiences include, hypervigilance, sleep loss, nightmares, reliving the trauma, social withdrawal, anhedonia, temper outbursts, emotional withdrawal, feelings of unfinished business, and adrenalin seeking.

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What are signs of having ptsd? How can it be treated? I had a gun pointed at me in february and I'm always scared someone is going to kill me now.

PTSD. Depends on the extent of the traumatic events, the psyche (personality), the meaning of the event, and what support system the person has. Re-experiencing of the event, hyper vigilance, avoidance of situations that trigger memories of event are main symptoms. Counseling helps. Read more...
PTSD symptoms. This sounds like it was quite frightening. After a life or limb threatening or horrific experience one may develop some post traumatic symptoms or possibly the clinical disorder called ptsd. Ptsd presents with hyperaurosal - might startle easily, feel your heart pounding if something triggers a memory of trauma. Reliving can take place through intrusive thoughts, memories or dreams. The person >. Read more...