I have bipolar disease, narcissism, and ocd. Anything that helps all 3?

Professional help. It sounds like you have aspects of a personality disorder, and a psychiatric disorder, this is a complex problem, and must be treated by a psychiatrist, one that has an expertise in psychopharmacology, because the drugs used, the dosages, the combinations need to be monitored very carefully, along with talk or behavioral therapy (this could be done by a phd psychologist or experienced msw.
Interesting mix. There is considerable overlap between bpd and npd in particular. The first step is to confirm and medically treat the bpd. By reducing the radical moods, the need for the self-protective stance of npd will be lessened, making it more amenable to psychotherapy. The constant threat to your sense of self will fade, hence the background anxiety. This should help with the ocd.