What is the forecast for someone who was a daughter, sister and wife with narcissism?

Hmmm . . . confusing. I'm a bit confused about your question. You say, "someone who was a daughter, sister and wife with narcissism"? This sounds like the person was "narcissistic" in all 3 roles? Or is "was" a typo for "has"? If #1 is what you meant, the person would have problems in all 3 relationships. If it's #2, then the describer is labeling 3 others as "narcissism" -- makes me wonder who's the more troubled.
Narcissist. The forecast is therapy and a great deal of it. Therapy for narcissists is often arduous, painful for both patient and therapist, as the narcissist is eventually brought to a place of what is known as profound narcissistic injury, which is the beginning of his poor self esteem that the narcissism resolutely defends against. I would opt for psychoanalysis.