How do people act when they're high on meth?

Meth. They appear agitated, overtalkative, suspicious, even paranoid.
Labored breathing. Odd behavior when you're high on meth - compulsive acts empty bottle caps everywhere small glasses of water everywhere constant digging at a part of their body (ears, nose) unusual high drive for self gratification disappearing for hours when they say they'll be right back missing light bulbs pieces of cut straws baggies with the corners cut off collection of lighters blow torches.
Tweaked. " methers" often refer to the effects of methamphetamine as " tweaking". While on meth, people appear hyperactive, tend to talk a lot, have dialated puplis, sweating, and may be paranoid. Sometimes they have tactile hallcinations such as feeling like bugs are crawling on their skin leading to scratching and sores on skin. Appetite is suppressed such that they may appear anorexic. Acne is common.