What's the difference between major depression and psychosis depression?

Psychosis. Psychotic depression is depression that is associated with any symptoms of psychosis like delusions, hallucinations or paranoia.
Psychosis. Can be a symptom of serious major depression. But psychosis is a symptom of many illnesses, including physical illnesses.

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I'm so down right now I have major depression and psychotic episodes and I'm on a lot of meds for it. What ese can I do?

Forms of help. I am sorry to hear that you are going through this. If you are not in some form of counseling - that would be very important. Even if you have to force yourself, get out of bed every day & get cleaned up. Eat five healthy meals per day. No alcohol - that is really important. Get yourself outdoors every day (preferably in green spaces) & be physically active. I practice acupuncture on a # of >>.
Meds + psychotherapy. Medication may be necessary if you are having psychotic episodes, but medication alone is not optimal care. Psychotherapy + medication is optimal. Find a psychiatrist or psychologist with expertise in treating psychotic conditions with psychotherapy. Many professionals lack the necessary training and experience-- find someone who does.

I'm diagnosed w/major depression w/psychotic episodes. I've also developed mania. I'm on several meds & still experience things. Can I get disability?

Possibly. You will have to be seen by a Psychiatrist who can certify you as having a disability that prevents you from being employed and he. She can also put you in touch with the state system that can assist you. This depends on how old you are and whether you qualify medically and financially.