Toddler with mosquite bite-like red bumps on buttocks, what is this?

Difficult to say... Rashes are undeniably one of the most difficult diagnoses without some visual input. Bumps on the buttocks do not sound serious, but certainly seems bothersome. Best idea is to take your toddler to the pediatrician, or at least snap a photo on your phone to ask your pediatrician on the next office visit. Has there been a recent change in bath soap or diapers? Avoid baby wipes for now.

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My toddler had been having red bumps on her buttocks and today got a few in her lower stomach?

Rash. Always hard to tell without seeing a picture or knowing more info such as if itching. It can be anything from a viral rash, heat rash, folliculitis, fungal rash, etc. If not getting better then get evaluated. Read more...