Swelling in lower leg after fracture, will that go away?

Yes and No. Swelling after a fracture, especially in the lower extremity, can be expected but with some limitations. Your question needs further specifics to have a meaningful response. How long ago? The fracture site and severity? The location of the swelling as well as any other health issues affecting your health would be helpful.

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Went to kick at door but lower leg hit wall instead. Intense pain and swelling is it a bruise or fracture?

Either. Is a possibility. If you strike your lower leg hard and it swells certainly the blood can come from soft tissue trauma to the muscles, tendons or even a ruptured blood vessel. If it is fractured you would likely know it as you would most likely not be able to walk. It depends also where you injured it on your leg. You can have a chip or non-displaced fracture that bleeds as well. Ice, nsaids etc. Read more...