What should I do about l5-s1 mild bilateral facet arthropathy & hypertrophy?

Interventional Pain. See an interventional pain physician. Radiofrequency lesioning has good results for facet arthropathy.
Keep living. If you are meaning findings on an MRI i wouldnt sweat it if you aren't having symptoms. To keep it from becoming a problem down the road, you might consider core strengthening therapy. If you develop leg pain or severe back pain, you probably ought to see your doctor.
Varies. It is really more based upon your symptoms. You would not have to do anything at all, or if you were symptomatic enough there are multiple options available.

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Just discovered I have mild facet arthropathy at l5/s1 on right side with spurring. Feel like my youth is over. Love to run/workout. Is it over?

No. Facet arthropathy is a radiologic term. In twenties male this radiologic description is not commonly correlate w. Experience of chronic pain generation. Doctors often chose radiologists' terms to explain symptoms when unable/incapable of determining other causes. See an osteopath for in-depth hands-on physical exam. "facet" diagnosis seems to be the current medical fashion. You need 2nd opinion. Read more...
No. You will get over this. It is not over, at least not yet ;). Start a physical therapy/exercise program, remember start slow and take your time to get back to health and strength. Look at all those athletes out there in the world, they take their sweet time before getting back on the field. It must all mean something... Read more...

Ct scan shows mild facet arthropathy of right l5/s1 facet joint. Why does it hurt just as bad on the left side same area as right when it's "normal"?

Difficult to locate. The facet joints in the back are deep, under the muscles, and it is not possible to exactly localize the source of pain for patient. So it is quite possible to feel pain on both sides in lower back only way to localize the pain is to block the joint with anesthetic and see if the pain goes away after the block i hope that helps. Read more...