Does methadone really work for heroin addicts?

Yes. By using methadone, physicians are able to ease the withdrawal symptoms and to keep the addict in treatment. Facilities may not be able to come up with statistics that say their patients have completed their program and are clean and drug-free, but that they are heroin-free. According to many, this is a better alternative.
No so fast. May be Methadone can get the person off heroin, which decrease mortality of street drug--but getting off Methadone is even more difficult and still high mortality.
Yes. While you will still need to get off Methadone at least the risks of death and infection are reduced or eliminated as you are no longer shooting up.

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I am 30 yrs old and a heroin addict I've been in rehab I've been on methadone which works how Can I find an addiction specialist to prescribe it?

Methadone. This really depends on the States you are in - Federally to be on Methadone for addiction requires you to attend a "Methadone CLINIC" - dO A GOODLE SEARCH FOR METHADONE CLINICS, OR ADDICTION SPECIALISTS IN YOUR AREA.
Heroin addict. May also consider Subaxone treatment which could beb prescribed by a regular PCP licensed to do that if methadone treatment centers are difficult to find. The goal in that case will be to get you off addiction rather than substitution.