Generalized anxiety disorder. Where do I start?

Good therapist... Psychotherapy should be an essential part of your treatment plan. You will get to listen to your emotional self & understand what the anxiety is about & heal/grow/adjust accordingly... U could discuss the potential benefit of meds with ur therapist, but if at all possible & bearable, visit a few times in therapy prior to introducing meds to the mix. U wanna listen to the anxiety before u numb it!
GAD. The first step is to make sure you do truly have generalized anxiety disorder. For that, you will have to see a psychiatrist who can diagnose it. If you do have gad, then you should be treated for it. The two known treatment options for gad include psychotherapy and medication treatments. Often, the combination works the best.
Make an. Appointment with a psychiatrist in your area who can help with medications and with a referral to a therapist.