I have generalized anxiety disorder and am terrified of taking presription meds - what do I do?

Psychotherepy. Psychotherapy has been proven to be helpful in anxiety but will also help you address your fears about medication use.
Talking therapy. Medications for anxiety are not really terrific. Most are habit forming. A much better approach is psychotherapy. Find a therapist with whom you feel comfortable and talk about your anxieties. Anxiety can be a symptom of an underlying depression.
Talk Therapy That... Goes well beyond the line, "tell me how you feel about that." first, u really do need someone w/training & expertise in treatment of anxiety problems/disorders. It's vital 2understand what anxiety is, how it ticks & what specific things can help if anxiety starts interfering with ur ability 2function & w/ ur ability 2form/keep relationships. Great source of info here: http://www. Anxietybc. Org.
You can be. Successfully treated with cognitive behavioral therapy alone, but the relief you are looking for may take longer to find. The best treatment is both meds with therapy. Why not talk to your therapist first about your fear of meds?

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What do you do if you have generalized anxiety disorder and are terrified of taking prescription meds?

Get therapy. Get a good therapist. Therapy itself can be beneficial and a good therapist will help you decide if you need medications in addition to therapy.
Work with a. Psychiatrist who understands your fear. And, strongly consider hospitalization so that you can feel safe knowing there is a nurse available to you 24/7.
Get in Psychotherapy. That is the central element of gad treatment; meds are not necessary, they are just helpful at times in bringing down the intensity of the anxiety, while the exploratory therapy is underway; however, if you're that terrified of the meds at this time and would rather do it without, then you definitely can (it may be harder but doable); nothing wrong with changing your mind either... Good luck.

Is this anxiety disorder, or am I just a nervous person? Doctor rushed and gave prescription for valium.

Not good. You need a mental health evaluation. While Valium will treat the symptoms, it is addicting and does not deal with the underlying issues. See a therapist.

My 17 year old daughter has been diagnosed with anxiety disorder and is really struggling tonight. She has an appointment with a gp monday to get a prescription what do we do in the mean time?

Continue. Continue to provide support and reassurance to her, search online for proper ways to relax (relaxation techniques), avoid nicotine or cut down gradually on it if being used for a while now, avoid caffeinated products, eat healthy and get enough sleep. I would also suggest you list down questions you will have for the doctor.
Dr. Dr ferraz made some excellent suggestions. I realize that your daughter probably saw her doctor today. What I am about to describe is incredibly easy to do but powerfully helpful. This is something that you and your daughter can do together when she is anxious. Breath in deeply and slowly through the nose. Raise the arms in order to more fully fill the lungs with air. Hold for a five count. Exhale slowly. Repeat x 12. Sometimes when someone is anxious, they forget to do simple techniques like this which can be calming and centering. She may benefit from seeing a good psychologist to help her get a handle on anxiety and to cope with it. Take care.

Can I take modafinil without prescription of doctor? I want to increase focus conc.& motivation. I have history of anxiety disorder. Will it be safer?

Inadequate data. Do not take any medication without prescription from your doctor. It is not only illegal but you would be gambling with your heath or even your life.

Generalized anxiety disorder for 9 months now. I don't take meds. Today I got 2 PVC in a row. Is this related to anxiety. I don't have serious symptoms.?

GAD. You write an interesting question -- saying you have gad for 9 months, it's not serious, are on no medications, but you have pvc's. Pvc's can come from anxiety as well as many other issues, so please see your physician very soon. Gad can be a serious problem because it limits your enjoyment and participation in life. Good treatments (not limited to medications) are available. Ask your doctor.
PVC? I am curious as to how PVC was diagnosed & what symptoms u r having that might indicate pvc. If u have a cardiologist, it is best to consult that doctor for follow up.

Just by success rates I know it varies but what drug has a better success rate or treatment for generalized anxiety disorder xanex XR or klonopin (clonazepam)?

Neither. These two drugs are sedatives, cousins to each other and do nothing to cure, treat, or prevent anxiety. They are temporary tools for an acute situation. They are not for long term or repetitive use.
Depends. Seems that people tend to prefer one or the other. Klonopin is long acting and you may not notice an immediate effect. Xanax (alprazolam) is quick onset and does not last longer than a couple hours. Often with xanax (alprazolam) you take more than twice daily and can get withdrawal anxiety. There is a long-acting xanax (alprazolam). Both can put you at risk of getting tolerance.

If I have depression, partial remission of psychosis, generalized anxiety disorder, could I take Viagra (sildenafil)? I also take meds, it's in my profile.

Viagra (sildenafil) Your other medications may not directly interact with Viagra, (sildenafil) but there always is the potential for interaction with medications metabolized by the liver. I would focus now on good control of your psychiatric symptoms and stabilization of your conditions before adding another medication to your regimen.

Why is it that when I'm sitting down sometimes it feels as though I'm going to fall over? I have generalized anxiety disorder and menopause

Stress can produce. The symptoms you mention but so can other conditions. Please see your doc. Low blood pressure may be an issue, hormones, or a neurological condition. If the above are ruled out, get treatment from a clinical psychologist for your GAD. Peace and good health.

I have generalized anxiety disorder, and have had a bad week with anxiety. Could this cause this sudden onset of palpitations?

Anxiety speeds heart. Palpitations (pounding heart) and tachycardia (fast heart rate) are indeed very common with anxiety especially with panic attacks which can be very scary!
Palpitations. Changes in heart rate, including its getting faster, feeling like it's pounding, and having palpitations, can come from anxiety. If you've never had these before at all, see your physician for a checkup.