How did I get fibromyalgia?

Unknown. The cause of fibromyalgia is unknown. People have developed fms after physical, and or emotional trauma, in addition cases have also been seen after a viral or bacterial infection. It is most likely caused by many different triggers and in some people from multiple triggers.
Unknown. Although fibromyalgia can be transmitted genetically (it tends to run in families), no one really knows why someone gets it and others do not. There are some predisposing factors-namely being a woman between the ages of 20-55 years old.
Multiple Factors. To my mind, multiple causal factors are femaleness, delicate female pelvis, multiple childbirths, joint hypermobility syndrome, mundane low back & pelvis injuries, sacroiliac joint hypermobility, obesity, muscle deconditioning, chronic muscle spasm, multiple regional trigger points, chronic pain causal of sleep deprivation with daytime fatigue & depression. See my full explanation at quora. Com.
Many causes MINE WAS. After suffering an ich (strike) from an avm very sudden onset 6 wks later I believe from muscle imbalance in my neck and spasticity. My opinion is fibro will ultimately be broken down into a constellation of disorders and saying fibromyalgia will be like saying arthritis or cancer only then will we be able to find one or many cures.