How can I raise my self-esteem when I feel so limited?

Reframing thinking. Reframe/restructure your negative thinking by challenging each negative statement--asking if there is any concrete evidence to support the negative statement as being true. Eliminate the words "should" and "must" from the way you think; substitute "like" or "want". Example "i would like to be married by the age of 30" not i must be married by the age of 30". Reduce feeling like a failure.
Self Esteem. You probably need to understand how you cam to feel so critical of yourself. Try reading my book, "changing your inner voice" featured on the soundmindz.Org website for many examples of how psychotherapy can help restore and improve self esteem, consult a clinical psychologist in your area. Best.
Low Self Esteem. The best way to raise your self-esteem is to raise yourself up by helping someone else. A positive mindset requires exercise, both mentally and physically. The worst way to raise self-esteem is to compare ourselves to others, bringing them down to us.