Does trapped gas cause colic?

No. Nope. That gas causes colic is a myth, probably created by the people selling worthless anti-gas drops to worried, exhausted parents.
No. We don't know what causes colic. Gassiness can happen any time of day, but colic is typically in the evening. Certainly, if you have a colicky baby, you will want to do your best to manage gas by doing careful and frequent burping and considering use of an anti-gas infant medicine in order to avoid exacerbating fussiness.
Possibly. Even though there technically isn't a known cause for colic, there usually is a reason that's causing a baby in becoming.
Yes. Well, yes and no. We don't know what causes colic, but the current theory is that infantile colic may be similar to irritable bowel syndrome in adults, in which gaseous distention and hypersensitive intestinal nerves cause pain. Colic has a very specific pattern (same time every day, etc.) and can be confused with reflux, or other less common diseases -- discuss with your doctor.
No. Trapped gas causes abdominal discomfort and pain. Colic is a developmental stage associated with irritability. No one knows exactly what causes it. It generally disappears around 3 months of age.
No. Colic, typically, is not a specific GI or stomach ailment. It often appears as if babies have gas or abdominal pain, but colic has not specifically been linked to those issues. There is some evidence now that dysbiosis - abnormal growth of some bacteria in the intestine - may be associated with infantile colic, and that probiotics may prevent/help colic, but this evidence is far from conclusive.
Yes. Actually, yes and no. Colic is unconsolable fussines with no known cause. Can gas cause fussness? Sure. But it is correctible by preventing or removing the gas. Thus it is not colic. It could be from formula intolerance, poor burping, swallowing air among others.Talk to your pediatrician for help.
Yes. Trapped gas in the stomach or intestines will make a baby colicky (fussy baby, older than 2 months of age), but a doctor should evaluate a baby who is more than slightly fussy to see if there is another reason for the colic, and to see why the baby is getting gassy.
No. There is no scientic proof that trapped gas (either swallowed or produced from colon) causes colic, however, it may aggravate existing reflux problem which result in causing fussiness. The true colic has been defined as a benign condition affecting young infants under 3 months-screaming for 3 hours each day, at least 3 times a week, and spontaneous resolution by 3 months of age. Stay upbeat!
No. Who knows? There are many different theories about what causes colic; intestinal immaturity is one of them, but there is really no medical proof of this. Babies with colic can pull their legs up, grimace and seem to be in pain, leading parents to think they have gas pains. However the gas relieving medicines like simethicone and gripe water have not been shown to help with colic.
No. The cause of colic, despite being common, is still a mystery. Although all babies are gassy in the first month, the crying of colic can cause increased problems with gassiness. Colic is not caused by formula or allergies. Colic always gets better by the time a baby is about 12 weeks old. Learn more: http://www.Healthychildren.Org/english/ages-stages/baby/crying-colic/pages/colic.Aspx.
No. Nobody knows what causes colic. What colic is is a generalized discomfort where the baby seems to cry and pull up its legs usually starting at 3-4 weeks and ending by 3 months. I think is is a bowel related immaturity that results in dysynchronous bowel contractions causing crampy abdominal pain. With maturation it resolves.
No. These fits of irritability, fussing, or crying can last for 3+ hours/day, often occuring in late afternoon or evening. 1 out 4 babies can be colicky. Despite being a common malady of infancy there is no one commonly agreed upon cause for colic. Gas has been implicated, yet gas therapy works spottily. New findings pose that "imbalance" of "good" gut bacteria is the cause, so probiotic use is urged.
No. I believe colic is the result of digestive dysfunction....The exact cause is unknown. Many babes need probiotics (like culturelle-baby) because they do not get colonized properly during the birth process. The trapped gas is the result of the colic not the actual cause. While it does pass, it is rather miserable in the meantime.
Yes. We don't know the answer to this. Colic is just a term for "your baby is fussy and we don't know why". Some say it may be gas, others a sensitivity to a food, some think intestinal cramps, some believe environment may be irritating (the baby is too hot or cold) and some feel some baby's personalities are just more needy and fussy than others. The good news is this goes away in a few months!