Is it normal to not want any relationship with my father?

It can be. I am going to assume that you have had difficulties, that you have done what you can to be a decent person ; make up, and that he continues to be troublesome. There are people who will make your life miserable because of their own issues, which may range from wanting to punish you for not meeting their own emotional needs, to mental illness, to just being rotten. Just get away.
Maybe,maybe not. You can love your father but never want a continued relationship with him. As an adult, you both make decisions that bear on the fabric of life.They estimate 80% of the stress in adult life comes from "family". If you have made the effort to resolve differences, & know in your sole you have tried your best, you can let it go. It's sad never to try, but realistic to accept life as it is.
Relation with father. No it is not normal, and if you feel that way there may be an underlying cause and you should find a way to resolve it.Without knowing why you not to have relationship with your father, it is very difficult to advice you. But it is definitely not normal.