Trouble sleeping? How can I get back to sleep?

Depends. What time you wake up. Trouble sleeping back? What time you want to get up then is another matter to address.

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I have trouble sleeping how can I get back to a normal sleeping pattern?

Sleep disturbance. More information is needed on how long you have had trouble sleeping, and what the trouble is (can't get to sleep, wake up a lot, etc.). Best to talk with your family doctor to see if there's a medical problem to begin with, and then go from there.

Hi, I've been having trouble sleeping at night. I usually wake up after about 3-4 hours and can't get back to sleep. I don't take any medications and am otherwise very healthy. Is taking melatonin a good idea? Thanks Insomnia

Need more info. This can be from many causes and the treatment depends on the cause. If jetlag is an issue then yes. But if other reasons like depression that can cause early awakening then need not melatonin but an antidepressant, another possibility is excessive anxiety address anxiety would help, sometimes it's an issue of discomfort if your room is too hot, or mattress is uncomfortable, hunger etc.

I have been having trouble sleeping. Waking up around 12:30pm every night and not being able to go back to sleep. Any suggestions to get a better night of sleep? Sleep

Sleep hygiene. Both sleep hygiene and behavior modification is important in sleep. Regular sleep habits, avoidance of stimulants, no electronics near sleep time etc. Are all relevant. Suggest you speak to your physician to assist you in an approach that can help you with this, and to better understand factors around your particular situation.

At 11:30 pm I take one 10mg zolpidem for insomnia. I always wake up five hours later and can't get back to sleep can you help me I also take one 100mg of trazodone, I also take. 50mg of alprazolam every 4 hours not to exceed 4mg in 24 hours. Is there anyt

You. You may have already tried not drinking caffeine after noon, not exercising too close to bedtime, and not using your computer or tv within an hour of bedtime. Consider adding "white noise" such as a fan. Be sure that your room is cool and not overly warm. Eating light during the day, then having a larger meal at around 7 pm or so can be helpful. Some conditions such as depression can cause early morning awakening, so if you have any symptoms of depression please tell your doctor. If your sleep problems are ongoing, you may need a different type of sleep medication at your doctor's recommendation.
Up the trazadone. I would increase the trazodone. You can take up to 300 mg, and 100 mg is not a high dose. Try to decrease the alprazolam, or only use at bedtime if possible, due to it's addictive qualities. If that wears off, it may cause you to wake up.
Too many drugs here. The combination of all this medication is not a good option in my opinion and I don't believe increasing doses of any individual one of these will help you sleep any better. I like the idea of working toward nonpharmacological ways to approach your insomnia before using all these agents. Again, speaking to your doctor before changing would be best but ultimately, I think for you, LESS is MORE.

I always wake up at around 3am and have trouble getting back to sleep. I used to take medication for insomnia. What seems to be the case now?

A "classic" Sx of MD. Major depressive episodes often include the symptom of "early morning awakening"; thought to be a result of hormonal disturbances often found with biologically induced depression. Visit a psychiatrist, he/she will review your sleep hygiene; suggest a trial of non-rx melatonin; if these did not help, rozarem, or silenor; stronger antidepressants: trazadone Remeron (mirtazapine) or Elavil may be necessary, . .
As above. I agree with other doctors early morning awakening, it is reflection of md. U need to see u mh provider for evaluation and treatment and in addition try sleep hygiene and excersize before 4 pm, which can increase u endorphin and help cure mild depressive symptoms.

I think I have insomnia. I can't sleep and it's hard for me. When I sleep I wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep. Then when it's time to wake up my body doesn't want to wake up so I go back to sleep and I wake up late. Then my bod

Insomnia. A vicious cycle. Might start by tracking sleep hygiene - Keep diary for 1-2 weeks that includes monitoring sleep hygiene behaviors and daily onset/awakening. If modifying behaviors is too much, see a doctor to discuss options, including medication or cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (recommended for non medical-related insomnia). Additional links in the comments section.

What causes insomnia sometimes ill be sound asleep and wake up and can't go back to sleep id toss and turn for hours?

Insomnia. Insomnia can have many causes. Stress, anxiety or depression are other causes. Try instituting a quiet hour before bedtime shut off electronic devices including tv, ? Listen to soft music, take a walk or take a warm bath to relieve tensions. If these hints dont work see your doctor about a sleep study.

I usually only have an appetite until 3 in the afternoon. I eat about two meals a day and have gained about 25 lbs in 6 months. I also have insomnia and end up going to sleep at 2am then wake up at 8am and go back to sleep at 9am and wake at 12pm.

Weight gain and. Insomnia. Please visit your doctor. He/she will likely do some blood work and help you resolve the situation. Something metabolic/hormonal may be going on. Peace and good health.
Insomnia and weight gain. Are symptoms with many possible causes, eg, hormonal, depression, stress, medications. See your pcp for exam and guidance. Insomnia over time can cause weight gain: https://sleepfoundation. Org/sleep-news/sleep-disorders-and-weight-gain I hope this helps. Best wishes.
Do you have. Depression? These sx's, though a bit atypical, do fit, but you'd need more to make a dx. Anxiety? Have you seen an OB-GYN? I'm thinking a hormone check might be good. Do you have strange work hours? How about unstable relationships? Been to a nutritionist? Just some thoughts.

I'm 16 years old and I think I have insomnia. I would go to sleep at 10 pm and wake up at 1 am then I can't fall back to sleep?

Decrease screen time. Many teenagers today are glued to their electronic devices, esp their cell phone. All of these devices emit light, which tell your brain that it is still time to stay away. This affects circadian rhythm which helps you to fall asleep and stay asleep. Try stopping all screen time 1 hour before you want to go to sleep. If that doesn't work, contact me for an inbox consult and we can brainstorm.