Signs of aspiration pneumonia in toddlers?

Aspiration pneumonia. Most forms of pneumonia are caused by aspiration of microorganisms from above. The term you are using usually refers to the aspiration of periodontal flora causing an aerobic/anaerobic polymicrobial necrotizing pneumonia. These are generally slowly progressive, causing fever, chest pain, shortness of breath, malodorous sputum and breath, nasty taste in mouth, etc. Very very rare in toddlers.

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What are the signs and symptoms of astroparesis and aspiration pneumonia?

Gastroparesis &Pneum. Gastroparesis is delayed emptying of food from stomach into intestines, which increases the chances of food coming up the esophagus as reflux. This can lead to its aspiration into the airways, causing symptoms such as cough, congestion, throat pain, frequent pneumonias etc. Gastroparesis can lead to sensation of full stomach, heaviness, bloating etc. Read more...