What are the main symptoms of depression?

Symptoms. Include depressed mood most of the day and nearly every day, diminished interest or pleasure in normally pleasurable activities, changes in sleep, appetite and energy, agitation, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, trouble concentrating and recurrent thoughts of death and/or suicide.
Depressed mood. As well as problems with sleep, appetite, concentration, loss of interest, guilt, feeling slowed down, and in severe cases, suicidal thoughts.

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Need expert help here. What are the main symptoms of depression?

Combination symptoms. Can be some of these in any combination: a loss of pleasure in things you normally enjoy unhappy or sad irritable or withdrawn low energy, tired, sleeping too much or opposite- restless, agitated, or insomnia cannot concentrate hopeless or feeling helpless feeling worthless, useless, guilt-ridden appetite changes thoughts of death or suicide.

What're the main symptoms of seasonal depression?

Seasonal Depression. Seasonal affective disorder presents with vegetative symptoms & signs of depression, at different times of the year.
Symptoms R same. Sad, is a kind of depression that occur at certain time of the year, usually winter. But it has the symptoms r usually the same.