What are the first steps in dealing with depression/drug addiction?

Recognize the proble. The first step is to recognize you have a problem and need help to overcome it. Then use resources, like your physician, your family, and support groups to work towards recovery.
Depression and drugs. The gene and toxic environment (people grow up into) together make people anxious ++ and depressed +++> that pushes people to look for drugs to soothe their mental suffering. Drugs aggravate the endless circle of harm. Needs serious treatments to hope to end generations of sufferings. But need to find good doctor that really care and want to spend time for you.
First step. Talk with your partner or a friend about getting some help to stay away from drugs, and getting help with depression. See you regular doctor who can also treat or refer for these problems. The first step is asking for help.
Cause. Also, identify the cause and treat it first. Are you depressed because of using drugs, or are you using drugs because you are depressed (self medicating)? .
Stop drug first. Neither you nor your doctor will be able to figure out whether depression treatment works or not, if you are still using recreational drugs. You have to find a way to stop drug use for at least a couple of months. After that, if you are still depressed, then it will become much easier for your doctor to help you find the right treatment.
Addiction & Depressi. This thpe of pts. Need an addiction specialist, enter in a rehab program to clean their bodie and they need antidepressant medications adjusted often. This pts. Need to be coached often by counselors and therapists. They need to seriously reevaluate their life and restart a profound new spiritual life. Also would benefit to go to narcotic anonymous or aa meetings often.

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What are the first steps to getting over drug addiction?

Need recovery progrm. Best medicine for quitting any drug is a recovery program. Addiction is a disease of disconnection. Recovery is generally not possible on your own, support from others who have been there is crucial. Try aa, na, lifering, sos, and treatment programs in your area. Also, it is important to abstain from all drugs, including alcohol.
Acknowledge problem. Acknowledge that the addiction is a problem you cannot control by yourself. Then get help.
Ask for help. Drop daily dose of substance by one third right now. Enjoy your self control during first week. Tell someone that you are trying to quit. Ask them help & hold u accountable. Substitute in things you know you enjoy and are healthy. Ask your friend to engage in that new healthy activity on a regular scheduled daily basis, preferrably during the time of the day you are most likely to give in.

I feel ecstatic whenever I have energy drinks but depressed when I don't. Is equivalent to a drug addiction?

Addiction. You have to ask yourself: can you function without energy drink and stop using it. If the answer is no you probably have some level of dependence. Talk to your physician.