Could gallbladder surgery cause bloody stool?

Not likely. If you have blood in your stool, it most likely something else and it deserves another work up. I'd advise that you speak to your doctor about it.

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Recently found out I have gallstones, when I have a bowl movement I have quite a bit of pain by gallbladder. Normal? Blood in stool and anal pain.

Not likely. gallstones typically will cause pain in upper R abdomen or center of abdomen specifically after eating fatty foods. This pain is not related to pain with BMs. Might you be constipated? If you are bearing down to pass hard stools, that may be the source of abdominal pain, anal pain and bleeding. Increase fiber by eating more green veggies and drink more water. . Read more...

Sporadic Red blood in stool, got my gallbladder removed late last year. Pain lower left abdomen. Doing stool test from doctor with a kit but. Thoughts?

THOUGHTS?? are CLEAR need to have a complete evaluation by awho can look for the Board Certified Gastroenterologist who can take a look and find out why you are bleeding!! BTW this has NOTHING to do with your Gallbladder! Hope this helps! Dr Z. Read more...
Should see GI ASAP. Many people with diverticulosis have no symptoms. When symptoms do occur they can include:
Pain in the abdomen,bloating,Constipation (less often, diarrhea)cramping. A CT scan is the preferred initial screening test to rule out a colonic, versus an extracolonic, pathologic disorder.D/Dx in your case will consists of Diverticular bleed vs C.Diff colitis vs IBDvs Ischemic colitis .
Must see GI .