How do you know if you have body dysmorphic disorder?

Get good help. If you are having sx making you suspicious you should get an evaluation with an psychiatrist experienced with body dysmorphic disorder.

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How to know if you have body dysmorphic disorder, and if you do have it, how to get rid of it?

Distortion. Body dysmorphic disorder is basically a disorder associated with a distortion in how you view your body, or a part of your body. Generally you become preoccupied with some perceived flaw... It is hard to think about anything else, and your perception of the flaw is more extreme than other people's views. Cognitive therapy can be really helpful. Sometimes medications may be added.

How often do you have body dysmorphic disorder and depression at the same time?

Almost always. Body dymorphic disorder is relentless and disabling and depression is almost inevitable, in fact I would say it's always there. Depression may take different forms but it's there. Anxious depression, moribund depression (there is almost no activity or leaving the bed or home for long periods of time), or a more hectic racing around to multiple physicians kind of frantic depression. Severity varies.
Most likely often. If u have that u need to see you physician for med management and to refer u to a therapist.

Can you have body dysmorphic disorder, without wanting to have plastic surgery?

Of course. Dissatisfaction with one's body occurs at many levels and at many intensities. Consult your doctor for advice as to approaches to this problem. You don't need repetitive surgeries to fulfill the diagnostic criterion.
Yes. There are plenty of people who look in the mirror and see themselves as fat when they are medically underweight and malnourished. This is just one type of patient with body dysmorphic disorder. These people don't necessarily want plastic surgery.
Absolutely. Yes, you can have body dysmorphic disorder without wanting to have plastic surgery. One is not dependent on the other.
Yes. Like any body image (or psychiatric) is disorder, there are a wide variety of presentations. It is quite conceivable that a person can have a irrationally negative view about a body part (s) but not wish surgical intervention. Consultation with psychiatrists well-versed in treatment of these disorders can be very helpful. Best wishes.
Yes. Bdd may mainfest as bulemia, purging, execessive exercising, excessive or restrictive dieting, without wanting plastic surgery.

I think I may have body dysmorphic disorder?

What makes you think. That you have this? What do you think is distorted in your view of your physical self? Is it about weight or a particular feature? All of these questions can help you figure it out. Talking with someone is the first step. If you are thinking about any sort of cosmetic surgery, I would postpone it until you have a better handle on this.