Which mao inhibitors and tricyclic anti depressants are also good for anxiety disorders?

Certain ones. In my practice and with my patients with various anxiety disorders, i often find the tricyclic antidepressant nortriptyline to be quite beneficial. Some doctors who did not receive their training until the 90s, may not feel comfortable prescribing some of the older medications.
Old pills new era. Old meds have too. Many limitations it is like running a 286 computer when u have 786 available or when every one has iphone and u have still have old phone 20 years later i don't mean old is not good but we r learning to evolve as we go so we don't ride on camel when we travel we fly so monoamines are the camels of psychiatry but we still.Need them in some cases of treatment resistant depression.

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Why are some tricyclic anti-depressants are good for anxiety disorders?

Norepinephrine. Tricyclics typically work on more receptors than the ssris, which target serotonin. Some people find that their particular depression or anxiety symptoms respond better to medications that work on norepinephrine or acetyocholine. Read more...
We don't know. Nearly all antidepressants turn out also to be good for treating anxiety too. We still do not understand exactly how they produce their effects on either depression or anxiety. Tricyclic antidepressants were among the first to be used widely; they are less commonly used now because they have more side effects than new antidepressants but can stil be very useful. Read more...