What is the technical definition of pain management?

Pain Management. The pain provider will comprehensively address the history of your chronic pain condition, review diagnostic tests and or order new ones, perform a detailed pertinent physical examination, then design an individualized treatment plan which can include injections, braces, creams, medications, physical therapy and more.
Pain management. Pain management as a discipline of medicine devoted to the diagnosis/treatment of pain disorders. It is usually a multidisciplinary approach to treat patients suffering from acute and/or chronic pain. The treatment might include physical therapy, exercise, medication, injections ...
Pain management. It is really the medications, treatments and procedures aimed at a reduction of the pain and increased function. It involves specialists from different backgrounds - neurology, anesthesiologists, physiatry, family practice, pt, psychology, chiropractors etc..
What is Pan Mgmt. Many anwers. It is not pill management... Reputable pain docs are great diagnostitions, then can recommend therapy for resolution or at least minimization of pain to increase function and quality of life. They may order xray or mri, or do diagnostic or therapeutic injections. They may also recommend surgery if indicated.