Need plantar fasciotomy (per doc), no other treatments worked. I have low grade partial tear. Would you reco removal of sharp heel spur? Open or endo?

Endo, no spur. I do the endoscopic procedure. Resection of the spur is not necessary. The spur is not the source of the pain. The pulling of the plantar fascia is and as a result causes the formation of the spur..
What were the other . Treatments? I would exhaust conservative care before opting for this surgery.
If symptoms . Are directly under the spur I do both but in most cases its the fascia that's causing all the pain. Have podiatrist take a marked axial view x-rays to see where the pain is coming from.
Never needed 2 do. I always had luck with proper orthotics, nsaids, injections pt with stretching and iontophoresis. Also higher heels like cowboy boots. I would b sure 2 c a fellowship trained foot & ankle orthopedic surgeon.
THREE OPTIONS. Following all conservative means, I would consider three options before a release. Extracorporeal shock wave therapy, the Topaz procedure, or a PRP injection.
Plantar fasciotomy. I would recommend endoscopic with no removal of heel spur. If your releasing the ligament partially the tension is reduced and there is no reason to have the spur resected.