Help! Anorexia nervosa - what do I do?

Treatment. An eating disordet specialist is ideal. I recommend a combination of medication, dietician, primary care physician and psychologist for counseling. A team approach is what is called for, and in cases where one has a dangerously low weight, hospitization is needed to prevent death.
HUGE Step 2Ask 4Help. See the get help pg of website of the natl assn of anorexia nervosa & related disorders (neda) http://bit.Ly/16crmyh. Call their helpline: (630) 577-1330. Email them: anadhelp@anad.Org. Neda can help u connect w/eating disorder experts...People who'll understand ur fears while helping u focus on the future...On the life & relationships u want 2build. People who'll help u discover new ways of being.
Get the help. And support that you need and deserve. See a therapist, see a psychiatrist and a nutritionist and get to groups. Don't wait, do it now!