What's the most effective way to get ripped (super lean) without using anabolic steroids?

In addition. To dr. Prager's answer, variety in exercise is also key.
Dedicate and Hydrate. A mix of cardio and weight training is the key. Also, make sure you stay hydrated. Cardio does not need to be running or cycling, and can be more creative like plyometrics. With regards to weight training, make sure you do different things to confuse the muscles so they don't get used to your routine...These things along with dedication and a balanced/sensible diet will get you ripped!
Getting in shape. There are three basics to "getting ripped". You have to feed your body a high protein diet. Eat 5 meals a day instead of 3. Look up the south beach diet. I think it's the best. Second get a good protein supplement such as isopure zero or low carbs. Tastes good. You need to take 2 grams of protein per pound to build body mass. Third your workouts need to include heavier weights for each set.