After a 4 month ecoli uti, I now have weird tickling? Sensation in my urethra and very tiny traces of blood on urine test strip?

Repeat culture. First, you should not have a UTI for 4 months. If you have been properly cultured and treated the UTI should resolve. A "tickling" sensation could be a sign of irritation / inflammation in the urethra (urethritis). Please get re-cultured and make sure you are being treated appropriately.
Here are some... How much have these urinary symptoms bothered you - getting better, slowly but surely? If so, you may be still in the process of resolving once UTI. Meanwhile watch if anything you consume may incite recurrent irritating coiding. If identifiable, behavioral modification should be undertaken accordingly. Of course, keep in a close contact with your doctor.
Recurrent UTI . Recurrent UTI requires anatomy evaluation of the urinary pathway. Your urologist will help.