I have acne & perrenial white pimples in head & on face. Medication gives temporary relief. Doc says its harmone problem, testosterone. What to do?

Need prescriptions . Over the counter benzoyl peroxide v can be tried. Your doctor can prescribe topical retinoids derivatives. Topical or oral antibiotics are often effective. In your case your doctor may decide to prescribe Aldactone (spironolactone), a relatively safe oral medication, which should help if "hormonal problem".
Manage it. Of course you have plenty of testosterone on board -- you're a man! you should be enjoying this time in your life, and your acne is manageable as long as you're compliant. You can't cure it; it'll go away eventually on its own & meds will keep it at bay. I'm sorry you ended up with scars but these may give your face "character" (jet li, photo).

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My doc say that excessive ejaculation I did for 2yrs 3 times a day cause rise in testosterone level enlarge the sebaceous gland cause me acne on face?

Wrong! Ejaculation doesn't cause baldness, or blindness or acne or callouses or anything of the sort. It's a genetic thing you inherited from your parents -- the baldness, that is -- not the ejaculation -- you "come" by that yourself. Read more...

Doc say excessive ejaculation 3 time a day for 2 yr cause rise in testosterone & androgen level cause enlarge of sebaceous gland cause me acne on face?

I don't buy it. That would be considered a myth. Androgens do increase the likelihood of acne, but your frequent habit should not be causing your hormones to change significantly. Read more...