Can a hashimoto thyroid goiter be shrunk with diet?

No effect of diet. Unfortunately, it is an autoimmune disease, controlled by antibodies to the thyroid, and diet will not help. If you are hypothyroid, you may benefit from levothyroxine. But it is hard to get that inflamed thyroid to shrink.

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Thyroid sono showed heterogeneous gland with multinodular goiter (positive hashimoto's diagnosis;on synthroid)-follow up sono when?

10---15 days. You have autoimmune hypothyroidism and need to to be seen by an endocrinologist, who want to be sure cold or hot nodules and act accordingly and adjust synthroid (thyroxine).
Biopsy. Have you had a biopsy? Discuss indications with your doctor. After negative biopsy repeat ultrasound and consider rebiopsy if nodules increase in size. Make sure you are on brand name thyroid replacement and your level is normal.
Need clinical follow. You have multinodular goiter and positive for hashimoto antibodies, so it is auto immune condition and you are hypothyroid & thyroid replacement. You need regulat follow ups with repeat blood test fot tsh, T3 (liothyronine) and free t4.And if clinically the gland is getting large or you have symptoms related to the size of thyroid at the dicretion of the physician ultrasound may be repeated. Most multinodular not ca.

I'm wondering are hashimoto's disease and multinodular goiter linked together?

They Can Be! Whenever the thyroid is under an autoimmune attack, the possibility of developing a multinodular goiter is significantly increased. Whether the goiter and nodules are from Hashimoto's or not, they need to be addressed and appropriately treated.
Nope. Hi. No, not the least bit linked. Hash glands can feel lumpy, however, like an MNG.

Can you tell me are hashimoto's disease and multinodular goiter linked together or no?

No. These are distinct entities, both can cause thyroid dysfunction either hypo/hyperthyroidism.

Can I have high TPO >400 but not have hashimotos? I have all the symptoms of it but my tsh is normal as of right now + goiter, Tpo 1300 last week

Hashimotos diagnosis. Is made by a biopsy that shows immune-mediated thyroid destruction. The presence of high TPO>200 is seen in >95% of cases of Hashimoto's. Anyone with high TPO antibody is at high risk for Hashimoto's and should be followed very closely. TSH, FT4 and FT3 levels determine thyroid function and treatment might not be needed if normal, but goiters always need further evaluation.

What tests should run to check for Hypo (Hashimoto)? Have symtoms with goiter. TSHwas 3.87, 1.3, now 3.33. feel terrible. HR drops to 50 feel worse.

Menopause? Your thyroid tests seem normal. You may be entering menopause and the symptoms may be related to that. Do some light exercise and gradually increase the rigor. It would be prudent to see your gynecologist for an evaluation and may be hormone replacement.

I've Hashimoto's thyroiditis and low lymphocytes for 2 years. My levels are very stable and I've never had a goiter. How can I increase lymphocytes?

Low lymphocytes may. Not be related to Hashimoto's, and may not need any treatment. If the lymphocytes are less than 1000/mcL then you may want to check T and B cell subsets. HIV should be checked if the CD4 T-cell count is very low. If not, and there are no recurrent infections, there is no need for treatment. Vitamin stores are full of supplements which claim to boost the immune system, but are mostly bogus.

Have thyroid goiter and inflammation. No nodules. Feel lump in throat. On Synthroid (thyroxine) 75mcg for hashimotos. Can you have thyroid cancer with no nodules?

Yes Very Rarely only. You do have hashimotos disease causing hypothyroidism and are being treated for it with synthroid (thyroxine).Why you think you may have thyroid cancer. Rarely one may have early cancer without nodule but most will present with nodule. And all nodules are not cancerous.
Possible, But unlikely but it would not cause 'lump in your throat' that's most likely anxiety syndrome.